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Most Meetings are Fruitless

“Most meetings are fruitless” …begins one of my favourite passages of a book called “Making Ideas Happen” by the brilliant Scott Belsky, founder and CEO of Behance. It appeals to me on a number of levels. I’m sure it appeals to you too.  Too many times have we’ve sat throughRead the Rest…

New Material up on

Here’s 3 more pieces of royalty free music for purchase that you can use for your promo videos, testimonial videos, youtube videos…you get the picture. 2 of these might be familiar to you if you’ve heard some of the College Openers in previous years. Enjoy.

The #Garagio Sessions – David Andrew


All of us can be geniuses. I know it’s a big statement to make. But each one of us are carrying inside of us the potential for genius. The difference comes when we CHOOSE to activate this & we KNOW how to activate this. For far too long the wordRead the Rest…

29 Ways to Stay Creative

What is Creativity

I’ve been reading “Living with a Creative Mind” by Jeff and Julie Crabtree recently. It’s one of the most encouraging books I’ve ever read as a creative person. I wanted to unpack some of the things I’ve been reading in the hopes that you will a) learn some awesome thingsRead the Rest…

New Stanzas for Amazing Grace

Ran into this after some gentle nudging by KB. “New Stanzas for Amazing Grace“Allen GinsbergI dreamed I dwelled in a homeless placeWhere I was lost aloneFolk looked right through me into spaceAnd passed with eyes of stoneO homeless hand on many a streetAccept this change from meA friendly smile orRead the Rest…

Mumford & Sons debut new song

The champions of pop-folk, Mumford and Sons have given Philadelphia radio station Radio 104.5 FM a sneak peek at a possible new album track called “Ghosts That We Knew”. Rumours are that they will be releasing their new album mid next year. So if the anxious wait for it, have a listenRead the Rest…

Brilliance in a Manifesto

M83’s new single

I am crazy pumped about this.  I’ve been waiting for new M83 material about as much as I was looking forward to new Bon Iver material. So here is the first single from M83’s new album. Details have just emerged about the name and release date. It’s gonna be calledRead the Rest…

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