About 1DC

Who are we?

We are 1:
1DegreeCreative exists as a collective of one. We are artists, communicators, musicians, administrators, producers, film makers, programmers, dreamers and idea-crafters. We have many faces but work as 1 adventurous team. We have many skills, but 1 pursuit.

We know the power of a degree:
All it takes is 1 degree to go from hot to boiling. We aim to bring that spark that can change everything. Wether you are the budding singer/songwriter, the corporate game-changer or the budding creative professional, we hope to ignite your mind and lead you across the border of Hot into Boiling.

We are creative:
We are always on the lookout for the undiscovered. We don’t like to have too many dinner parties with Mr. Familiar. After all all the best ideas are out in front of us.

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