May, 2011

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Short Film Time

Here’s a short film that some of us were involved in creating.

Cool Music (?)

What makes music cool? Is it the amount it sells? Is it how much it adheres to the musical conventions set in place by years of western musical history? Is it found in its uniqueness or difference from uncool music? I think what makes music cool is who listens toRead the Rest…

The Confident Musician

One of the greatest tools available to you as a musician is confidence. In fact, it should be as essential to you as scales. It should be as familiar to you as your repertoire. Why? Because music is a emotive nuance-driven force. There are so many variables to music, thatRead the Rest…

Musical Servanthood

How you craft a track as a band rather than a collection of single instruments. One of the biggest killers to groove in music, to the unity that ties the elements of music together into a single event, is the lack of perspective. And it’s surprisingly easy to lose trackRead the Rest…

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